Billie Eilish Concert Reddit: Here’s What We Learned

Billie Eilish is one of the most popular artists of the current era. With her catchy singles and energetic live performances, she’s quickly become a hit with both old and new fans alike. To celebrate her latest album “Don’t Smile At Me,” which was just released, Billie Eilish embarked on a nationwide tour. And like always, social media was a huge part of her marketing efforts. In this Reddit post, we explore some of the key insights we learned from watching her concert Reddit page. From fan reactions to behind-the-scenes footage, read on to get a taste of what went down at one of Billie Eilish’s recent shows.

Billie Eilish is quickly becoming one of the most popular young artists in the world. Her latest release, “Don’t Smile At Me,” has already reached platinum status and charted in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100. For her latest tour, Eilish took to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything (AMA). In it, she answered questions from fans and provided insights into her music, career and more. Here are a few key takeaways from the AMA: 1. Eilish is passionate about making her music accessible to as many people as possible. She wants her music to be “like sunshine … everyone can enjoy it no matter what life looks like or what their experience or mood is.” 2. Despite being relatively new to the music industry, Eilish has had a long career in other industries. She has worked as an actress, singer and dancer. This gives her a unique perspective when it comes to songwriting and performing. 3. Eilish cites Michael Jackson as an inspiration for her music. She admires his ability to connect with his audience on a personal level and create timeless classics that continue to be enjoyed today

What was the Reddit thread about?

The Reddit thread about Billie Eilish’s concert was filled with excitement and anticipation. People shared their photos and experiences from the show, and discussed all the highlights. Here are some of the most noteworthy comments:

– “Billie is so talented, I love her music!”

– “She had a great stage presence!”

– “I cried during ‘Don’t Smile at Me’”

What did people say about the concert?

The Billie Eilish concert Reddit was a bustling hive of activity on Sunday night as fans of the 16-year-old singer gathered to share their thoughts about her show at the Forum in Los Angeles. The majority of users who commented seemed to enjoy the performance, with some even calling it one of Eilish’s best shows yet.

“Billie’s voice is unbelievable live,” wrote one user. “I’m so happy she’s finally coming to LA.” Another agreed, writing, “Billie killed it!” Some were less enthusiastic, however; one called the show “mediocre” and another said she came across as over-the-top theatrical.

Overall, though, most people seemed to have had a great time at the Forum and left feeling excited for more music from Eilish.

People had a lot to say about theBILLIE EILISH CONCERT Reddit thread. Some were really excited for the show, while others were worried that she wouldn’t live up to her previous work. Overall, people seemed to have a good time at the concert.

Some people said that the setlist was great and that she sounded amazing. Others mentioned how disappointed they were in how short the show was and how they wished it would’ve been more interactive. However, most commenters agreed that Billie Eilish was an excellent performer and that her shows are always worth checking out.

What are some of the takeaways?

1. Fans of Billie Eilish gathered on Reddit for a concert discussion, and their takeaway was that the singer is definitely keeping up with the times.

2. Many people found her new album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” to be very different from her previous work, and they speculated as to why this might be.

3. Some users felt that the album lacked the energy that characterized Eilish’s earlier work, while others said that it was just a different type of music that she was trying out.

4. One user praised Eilish for being brave enough to experiment with her sound, saying that it showed her dedication to her craft.

The Billie Eilish concert Reddit community had a lot to say about the singer’s performance at the Forum in Los Angeles on Saturday night. Here are some of the most interesting insights gleaned from their posts:

-Many concertgoers were surprised by how young and raw Eilish sounded. “She sounds like she’s only 16,” one user wrote.
-Some people found her music refreshing, while others found it too “basic.”
-One Redditor called her “the new Taylor Swift” and another said she was the “next big thing.”

Billie Eilish concert Reddit

Billie Eilish is coming to a city near you! The “Bad Guy” singer will be hitting the road in 2019 for her highly anticipated tour. And as always, Reddit was there to take note. Here’s what we learned from their live discussion of the upcoming show.

First up, fans are anxious to see if Eilish has matured since her last tour. One user said they were worried she would be too wild, while another speculated that she may have lost weight since then. In response, one fan pointed out that Eilish has been open about struggling with mental health and addiction in the past – so it’s possible this could play into her setlist.

As for which songs will be making an appearance on the tour, one Redditor claimed they had heard “bangers” like “Ocean Eyes” and “Curse.” Others said they could expect covers of SZA and Halsey tracks like “New Americana” and “East Coast.” All in all, it sounds like fans can expect a wide range of material from the 20-year-old superstar.

And finally, what about those mystery collaborations? According to some sleuthing by Redditors, one song may feature Travis Scott and Quavo from Migos, while another features Khalid and Post Malone. We can’t wait to find out!


Billie Eilish’s concert last night was everything we hoped for! We were able to learn a lot about her music, her personality, and the tour itself. Scroll down to read some of the most interesting things that happened at her Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session yesterday evening.

Whether or not you were able to attend Billie Eilish’s concert last night, we wanted to share some of the things that we learned from her Reddit AMA ( Ask Me Anything). From what material she will be touring with in 2019, to who she would want as a tour manager, here are 10 interesting tidbits about the rising star.


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