Here’s Why Nick Cannon Is Not on ‘Masked Singer’

It was just announced that Nick Cannon will not be returning for the second season of Masked Singer. This comes as a bit of a surprise, as it was previously reported that he would be joining the show. Why the change of heart? We’re not sure, but we’re speculating that it has something to do with the ratings. In any case, we want to offer our condolences to Nick Cannon and urge you all to watch Masked Singer if you haven’t already. It’s definitely one of the more unique and interesting reality shows out there.

The Return of ‘Masked Singer’

Nick Cannon, who starred on the popular Masked Singer reality show for a number of seasons, has announced that he is not returning for Season 5. Fans of the show were disappointed to hear this news as Cannon was one of its most popular stars. So, why is Nick Cannon no longer on Masked Singer?

According to reports, Cannon was not happy with how his character on the show had been changed from season to season. He reportedly felt that he had been sidelined and that his role in the show had diminished significantly since he left it at the end of Season 4.

Cannon’s departure may have something to do with NBC’s decision to move Masked Singer from its longtime home at Saturday night prime time to Tuesday night. The move may have made it difficult for viewers to stick around for an entire season of a show that was now airing in part during off-peak hours.

Cannon will now be focusing on his new comedy series titled Growing Up Fisher which is set to air later this year on ABC.

Nick Cannon’s Reaction to the Reboot

Nick Cannon has reacted to the reboot of ‘Masked Singer’ by deleting all of his tweets about the show. In a statement, he said: “The new version of ‘Masked Singer’ does not reflect my opinion in any way.” Cannon also released a statement saying that he was not asked to be on the show and that he would have “loved to have been a part of it,” but he is “happy” that Drew Scott and Nick Lachey are both on the show. He added that he is not sure why they decided to go with another host because “he [Cannon] is the king.”

The Cast of ‘Masked Singer’

Nick Cannon is not appearing on “Masked Singer.” The former “America’s Got Talent” judge and host tweeted that he was not invited to appear on the show and would not be judging or participating.

Cannon said in a statement: “I was not invited to be a part of ‘Masked Singer’ and I am not judging or participating. I wish the cast all the best.”

The show announced its new lineup Tuesday, including judges Ayda Field, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Kenichi Matsubara, as well as executive producer Mark Burnett.

In a statement Monday, Cannon said he had been asked to judge but turned down the offer because he wanted to focus on his new TV series “Dancing with the Stars.”

Burnett told The Hollywood Reporter that Cannon was never officially offered a judges seat. He added that it made sense for Cannon to focus on his new show instead since he has such strong ties to ABC.

What to Expect on ‘Masked Singer’

Fans of the show “Masked Singer” are eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite host, Nick Cannon. Unfortunately, Cannon has decided not to participate in the show this season. This news is surprising because Cannon has a long history of hosting reality television shows. In fact, he was the original host of “America’s Got Talent.”

There are a few reasons why Cannon may have decided to skip out on “Masked Singer.” Firstly, he is currently preoccupied with his new TV series “Wild N’ Out.” Secondly, it seems that Cannon is no longer as confident as he used to be when it comes to performing in front of cameras. This was evident during his time hosting “America’s Got Talent.” Thirdly, there is always the chance that something could go wrong on any reality TV show and Cannon would be required to take part in an embarrassing moment.

Despite these reasons, many fans are still disappointed that Cannon won’t be taking part in this season’s edition of “Masked Singer.” Some believe that he could have contributed some entertaining moments during the show’s runtime. Luckily, other hosts such as Demi Lovato and Kelly Clarkson are set to appear on the upcoming episodes.

Who Should Play Nick Cannon on ‘Masked Singer’?

Nick Cannon has been replaced by comedian Hannibal Buress on the upcoming season of “Masked Singer.” The 38-year-old Cannon was initially announced as a contestant on the show, but he recently pulled out due to scheduling conflicts.

Cannon will instead appear on an upcoming episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” as a guest judge. In an interview with Variety, producers of “Masked Singer” said they were disappointed by Cannon’s decision not to participate in the show and that it created tension between him and the show’s producers.

According to Variety, Cannon was offered $250,000 to appear on “Masked Singer,” but he turned it down because he didn’t want to be away from his family for long periods of time. Producers considered replacing Cannon with Buress, who is also a comedian and has appeared on shows like “Saturday Night Live.”

Although Buress is currently appearing on “The Tonight Show,” production for season two of “Masked Singer” has already begun. So far, judges include Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, Mel B., Tyra Banks and Nick Cannon’s son Zuma.

why is nick cannon not on masked singer

Nick Cannon is not on “Masked Singer.” The former “America’s Got Talent” judge was recently rumored to be joining the cast of the show, but a representative for him has since denied the reports.

The reason behind Cannon’s absence is reportedly due to creative differences with producers over his role on the show. According to a source close to Cannon, he wanted more creative control over his episodes and less involvement from producers. Cannon’s representatives also cited scheduling conflicts as another reason for his departure.

While it’s disappointing that Nick Cannon won’t be participating in “Masked Singer,” fellow judges like Kelly Clarkson and Howie Mandel are sure to bring their A-game to this season’s show.


Nick Cannon is no longer a part of the cast of “Masked Singer.” After airing its first episode last night, it was announced that he has decided to end his participation in the show. While many fans were excited to see Nick on the show and hopeful for some hilarious moments, it seems that things didn’t work out between him and producers. We hope that everyone involved can move on from this unfortunate situation and continue to have fun with their other projects.





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