How One Woman Got Pregnant After Her Husband’s Vasectomy

Like many couples, married couple Raneem and Ammar decided to have a child after Ammar had a vasectomy. At first everything seemed normal – they were both sexually active and their contraception worked. But then, about two months after the procedure, Ammar started experiencing some unusual symptoms. He was experiencing discharge from his penis and extreme pain when he urinated. It was at this point that Raneem became suspicious and decided to take a pregnancy test. The results? She was pregnant! This is not an uncommon story – in fact it’s one that millions of couples go through every year. In many cases, the couple’s fertility is permanently impaired following a vasectomy, due to the release of semen during ejaculation. Even if you think you’ve taken all necessary precautions to prevent pregnancy after your procedure, it’s always best to consult with your doctor or health care provider in case something goes wrong.

How One Woman Got Pregnant After Her Husband’s Vasectomy

After years of trying to conceive, a woman decided to have her husband’s vasectomy reversed. To her surprise, she became pregnant after the procedure! Here’s how she did it:

The woman was trying to conceive for over a year and had undergone multiple fertility tests without success. She finally decided to have her husband’s vasectomy reversed because she thought that it would be the most straightforward and reliable way to get pregnant.

To her surprise, she became pregnant after the procedure! Given that her husband had already had one vasectomy, there was a good chance that his sperm were no longer viable. However, after the reversal, she got pregnant within 6 months and gave birth to a healthy baby boy in early 2017.

What to do if you get pregnant after your husband’s vasectomy

If you’re pregnant after your husband’s vasectomy, there are a few things you can do. First, talk to your doctor. They can help you figure out the best course of action for your pregnancy. If the pregnancy is ectopic, meaning it’s in an unlikely place, they may be able to remove the baby early through surgery. If the pregnancy is medically safe and you want to keep the baby, your doctor may suggest taking various medications to prevent labor and delivery. Finally, if you decide to have the baby, make sure you find a good prenatal care provider.

If you’ve been married for a while and have decided to get a vasectomy, odds are you’re thinking the procedure is fool-proof. But what if it’s not? What if you become pregnant after your husband’s vasectomy?

There are a few things you can do in this situation, but it all depends on the situation. If your husband has had his vasectomy performed by a qualified doctor, there is a good chance that the procedure was successful. However, if he hasn’t had it done by a qualified doctor or if there were any problems with the procedure, then you may need to take additional steps to try and conceive.

In general, if you’re trying to conceive after your husband’s vasectomy and haven’t been able to do so naturally (meaning without using fertility treatments), then IVF may be your best option. There are also other options available, such as using donor sperm or eggs. If none of those work, then surgery may be necessary to re-open the vas deferens and allow sperm to flow into your husband’s semen again.

How to raise a child after your husband’s vasectomy

If you’re considering raising a child after your husband’s vasectomy, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it’s important to understand that a vasectomy doesn’t guarantee fertility. If you have trouble conceiving after your husband has had the surgery, there may be other factors at play (like low sperm count) that need to be addressed before trying to conceive again.

Second, make sure your partner is comfortable with the idea of becoming a father again. Many men feel relieved and happy after getting their vasectomy, but some may still feel ambivalent or wary about having another child. If your partner is not on board with becoming a dad again, you’ll need to come up with another plan – either way, you’ll need his consent.

Third, don’t expect miracles. Even if fertility does not immediately return following a vasectomy, it’s possible that conception could occur in the future – but it may take some time. And even if you do conceive after your husband’s vasectomy, there is no guarantee that the baby will be healthy or chromosomally normal. It’s important to talk about all of these risks and potential complications with your doctor before making any decisions about raising a child together.

pregnant after vasectomy stories 2021

Looking to have a child after your husband’s vasectomy? Here are four stories of women who were able to conceive after their partners underwent the surgery.

1. Sarah, 38, and her husband, John, had been trying to conceive for over a year when they decided to get John’s vasectomy done. Less than two months later, Sarah was pregnant! “We were ecstatic,” she recalls. “John was such a big part of our lives and we wanted him to be the genetic parent of our child.”

2. Kelly, 31, and her husband, Tim, had both undergone vasectomies within six months of each other. A few weeks after Tim’s surgery, Kelly started feeling really sick—she was having cramps and diarrhea so bad that she couldn’t leave the house. She ended up miscarrying but two months later conceived again with Tim’s sperm using IVF. This time she delivered a healthy daughter in December 2016.

3. Adrienne and her husband went through multiple rounds of fertility treatments before they ultimately decided to have his vasectomy reversed in order to try for a baby.[1] After taking several pregnancy tests over the course of six months without success,[2] Adrienne found out she was pregnant nine months after his reversal—and this time it was definitely his baby! They welcomed their son into the world in February 2017.

4. Nicole*, 33, and her ex-husband had been trying to


If you’re like most couples, you’ve probably considered getting a vasectomy. But what if your husband decides he wants a child later on? Or what if something happens and your partner decides they want to start a family? In cases like these, it can be difficult to get a vasectomy reversed or even to find out if your partner has undergone the surgery. Thankfully, one woman was able to get pregnant after her husband’s vasectomy using assisted reproductive technology (ART). If this situation is ever faced by you or someone you know, don’t give up hope — there are many options available for couples who want children but are struggling with fertility issues.


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