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In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), there are a few names that are synonymous with success: Fedor Emelianenko, Anderson Silva, and Georges St-Pierre. But one name that may not be as well known is Jake “The Snake” Paul. Paul has been a professional MMA fighter for over a decade and has competed in some of the highest levels of the sport. He is currently ranked #5 in the world. In this blog post, we will compare and contrast the two fightersJake Paul and Ben Askren. We will explore their fighting styles, their strengths and weaknesses, and what it means for the UFC’s future.

It’s no secret that UFC welterweight champion, and current jiu-jitsu world champion, Jake “The Snake” Paul has had a long-standing rivalry with arguably the greatest wrestler of this generation, and former two-time NCAA wrestling champion, Ben Askren. Paul and Askren have met in the octagon on multiple occasions, most notably at UFC 214 where Paul won the title by first round submission. However, their rivalry goes beyond the octagon. In addition to their grappling exploits, they also share a fierce rivalry on social media. So who is winning this Twitter war? Let’s take a look at the numbers to find out!

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren: A Match Made in Reddit

When two of the most popular and polarizing athletes on the internet meet in a fight, it’s sure to generate some excitement. That’s what happened when Jake Paul and Ben Askren faced off in a match made for reddit.

This battle was full of trash talk and back-and-forth jabs. The audience loved every minute of it. Paul started the match with some hard punches but quickly switched to a flurry of kicks. Askren countered with some good body shots, but then Paul went on the offensive with some epic take-downs. It was clear that these two guys were well-trained fighters who knew how to use their bodies to their advantage.

Eventually, Askren landed a clean head kick that put Jake Paul down for the count. The fans went wild as Ben Askren walked away with his first win on reddit.

Jake Paul and Ben Askren have a lot in common. They are both online personalities with a large following on social media, they both have a passion for MMA, and they both hail from the United States.

But there is one big difference between the two: Jake Paul is a celebrity while Ben Askren is considered one of the best fighters in the world.

This match was supposed to happen long ago, but it didn’t until now because Jake Paul was banned from UFC.

The fight will take place on August 25th at the UFC 214 event in Anaheim, California. The main card will feature Demetrious Johnson defending his title against Ray Borg and Amanda Nunes fighting Valentina Shevchenko for the women’s bantamweight championship.

The Key Battles of the Fight

The Key Battles of the Fight

Saturday night in the UFC 199 main event, Jake Paul faced off against Ben Askren. The young starlet Paul entered the octagon riding high on a string of impressive wins, while Askren was coming off back-to-back losses to Demetrious Johnson and Glover Teixeira.

Both men traded shots early on in the bout as they looked to establish dominance. However, it was Paul who would take home the victory with a first-round submission win. Here are three key battles from their fight that ensured Paul’s success:

1) takedowns vs submissions: Jake Paul was able to take Ben Askren down multiple times throughout the contest, using his explosiveness and Jiu Jitsu skills to gain an advantage. This allowed him to secure mount and work for a Submission victory.

2) striking vs ground game: Ben Askren was able to keep up with Jake Paul in terms of striking accuracy; however, he struggled when it came to defending takedowns or controlling the ground game. This gave Jake Paul opportunities to control distance and wear down his opponent over time.

3) cardio: Both fighters had heavy gas tanks at the end of the fight; this is most evident when looking at their stamina scores (Paul – 93%, Askren – 83%). This showed that even when things got tough, they were still able to put on a good show for fans.

What to Expect in the Fight

In the upcoming UFC on FOX 30 fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren, fans can expect a high-intensity battle. Both fighters are undefeated in the UFC, with Askren having won all of his fights via knockout or submission.

Both fighters have an extensive background in wrestling, so this fight is sure to be a close one. Expect big hits, takedowns, and ground-and-pound from both fighters. Who will come out on top? Only time will tell!

The highly anticipated rematch between welterweight champion Jake Paul and former world champ Ben Askren is finally happening. The two warriors will meet in a five-round fight for the UFC belt at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 14th.

Fans of both fighters are eagerly awaiting the bout, as they are sure to see a virtuoso performance from one or both men. The first fight between these two was an explosive back-and-forth battle that saw both men trading punches with each other until the final bell rang.

Since then, Paul has won four consecutive fights while Askren has lost three in a row. However, given their previous encounter, this fight is sure to be an exciting one.

Who Will Win?

Both Jake Paul and Ben Askren are world-class athletes and have a lot of experience in the grappling sport. However, there is one important difference between these two fighters: Jake Paul has been using steroids for a long time, while Ben Askren has never taken steroids.

This could be the key to victory for Jake Paul, as steroid use has been shown to give an athlete an unfair advantage in competition. In addition, Jake Paul is much better known than Ben Askren, which could lead to him winning more fans along the way and gaining an edge in publicity.

The highly anticipated rematch between Jake Paul and Ben Askren is set to go down on August 25th on the UFC Fight Pass prelims. The two have been trading barbs for months leading up to the fight, with Paul consistently taunting Askren on social media.

In their first bout, Askren came out victorious with a unanimous decision victory. He has since then bounced back with wins over Demetrious Johnson and Glover Teixeira, but will he be able to defeat Paul?

Paul is no slouch himself, having gone 4-1 in the UFC including victories over Team Alpha Male member TJ Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt. However, Askren is one of the most dominant fighters in MMA history and has never been defeated by a point fighter. This could be his chance to finally claim a championship belt.


When it comes to the heavyweight division, there are a few names that stand out above the rest. With two of the biggest stars in the sport squaring off one another, this match-up is sure to generate plenty of excitement. Who will come out on top? We’ll have to wait and see, but make sure you don’t miss it by streaming either fighter’s fight on reddit!

In this article, we will be discussing the differences between Jake Paul and Ben Askren. We will also be providing a link to a Reddit stream where the two fighters will be competing. So whether you’re a fan of one fighter or the other, I hope you’ll find this article interesting.

The jake paul vs. ben askren stream Reddit match was one of the most anticipated fights in years, and it lived up to the hype. Paul put on a fantastic performance, defeating Askren via unanimous decision. The entire fight was an exciting battle, with both fighters taking turns pulling off stunning moves and landing powerful punches. Whether you were rooting for Paul or Askren, this fight is sure to leave you disappointed if you didn’t watch it live.


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