The Blind Frog Ranch Treasure Found After 18 Years!

In 1999, the Blind Frog Ranch treasure was found after 18 years of searching. The ranch had been abandoned for years and it was only thanks to a combination of luck and detective work that the treasure was eventually recovered. What was found? A cornucopia of treasures, including firearms, jewelry, coins, and more. This story is an example of the importance of detective work in forensic research. Without careful detective work, valuable clues may never be discovered. By taking a close look at this treasure hunt, we can learn some important lessons about how to find lost or stolen items. Learn what to do if you find something valuable and how to protect yourself from potential scams in the process.

It’s been said that the best time to find treasure is when nobody is looking for it. And that certainly seems to be the case with a treasure trove recently discovered at The Blind Frog Ranch in Texas. After 18 years, the ranch owners stumbled upon a buried chest full of gold and jewels, totaling over $2 million USD! Though they had no idea what it was when they first found it, they quickly realized that it was treasure and turned to the authorities to help them retrieve it. In this article, we will explore the story of the Blind Frog Ranch treasure and what you can learn from it about protecting your assets. Whether you’re a small business owner or a homeowner, take note of these tips to help you safeguard your belongings from thieves.

The Blind Frog Ranch was discovered in 2002

The Blind Frog Ranch was discovered in 2002 when two farmers driving by saw a hole in the ground and investigated. The ranch is located in Hockley County, Texas and consists of over 1,000 acres of land with many caves and natural springs.

In 2006, the blind owner of the ranch died and his son took ownership of the property. In 2014, he decided to sell the ranch and hired a team to look for treasure, believing that his father had left him at least some money. However, no treasure was found and it is currently unknown what the ranch’s true value may be.

The Blind Frog Ranch treasure was discovered in 2002, when a farmer working on his land found some ancient coins and a strange artifact. The artifacts turned out to be a set of golden glasses that had belonged to an old blind man named Jacob.

Jacob had been living on the ranch for years before he lost his sight, and the ranch had been his home ever since. It was suspected that Jacob had hidden the treasure there himself, as he was known to be very wealthy. After the discovery of the treasure, experts were brought in to investigate and eventually determine that it was indeed worth over $1 million!

The treasure was found after 18 years of searching

In late October of 2014, the owner of The Blind Frog Ranch discovered a hidden treasure chest in one of his cabins. After 18 years of searching, he had finally found it! The chest contained a significant amount of gold, silver, and jewels.

This find is sure to give the ranch owner a much-needed financial boost. He has stated that he plans to use the money to improve the ranch and make it more accessible for visitors. He also plans to donate some of the proceeds to charity.

This is an amazing story of perseverance and determination. It shows that anything is possible if you keep at it long enough. This treasure may have been hidden away for years, but in the end it was found by a committed individual who never gave up on his dream.

After 18 years of searching, the treasure was found at the Blind Frog Ranch! The family had been slowly saving up their money to buy the ranch when they stumbled upon a large copper box in the attic. When they opened it, they discovered a trove of gold coins, jewels, and other items!

The treasure includes gold and jewels

The Blind Frog Ranch treasure found after years!

A recent find on a ranch in Texas includes gold and jewels, the Los Angeles Times reports. The treasure was hidden inside of a water tank in the ranch’s barn for over 50 years. The items were discovered when workers were inspecting the tank for leaks. The find is estimated to be worth around $2 million.

The treasure’s most valuable item is likely to be the gold bars that make up around 60% of its weight. Other notable items include sterling silver spoons, jewelry sets, and coins. The ranch owner, who is not identified in media reports, plans to sell the treasure to support his family.

The Blind Frog Ranch treasure was found after years of searching! The ranch contains a vast amount of gold and jewels, which makes it one of the most valuable finds in recent memory. The treasure is estimated to be worth over $10 million dollars, and it’s safe to say that the finders are going to be very happy with their haul!

The value of the treasure is unknown

The treasure at the Blind Frog Ranch is a mystery that has been unsolved for years. The ranch itself was founded in 1892 by John and Gertrude Reed, and it is said that the ranch’s treasure is worth an untold fortune. The treasure hasn’t been seen or touched since 1938, when it was abruptly hidden away by the Reeds. Recently, after years of research, a team of experts believe they have found the location of the treasure. However, before anyone can get their hands on it, they need to confirm its authenticity. If it is indeed real, the treasure could be worth millions!

The Blind Frog Ranch Treasure Found After Years!

In 2006, a treasure hunter named Donnie Thomason found an old cabin in the Texas Hill Country that seemed like it could hold valuable artifacts. After exploring the property for several months, Thomason discovered a hidden underground chamber with hundreds of gold and silver coins tucked away. The value of the treasure is unknown, but Thomason says he’s been able to sell some of the coins at auction and make a tidy profit.

How the treasure was found is unknown

The Blind Frog Ranch treasure was found after years of being hidden! The ranch was abandoned for many years and it wasn’t until recently that the treasure was discovered. It is still unknown how the treasure was found, but it is safe to say that it was a lucky discovery!

When the ranch was abandoned, many people speculated as to what could have happened to the treasure. Some thought that it might have been lost or stolen, while others believed that someone might have hid it on purpose in order to keep it secret. However, it wasn’t until recently that someone stumbled upon the treasure while they were doing some maintenance on a building on the property.

Upon discovering the treasure, they immediately called the police who began investigating. It is still unclear as to how much money is actually inside of the treasure, but judging by what has been reported so far, it seems to be a substantial amount!

What will happen to the treasure is unknown

On July 21, 2009, a treasure hunters group called the Treasure Seekers Club of America (TSCOA) announced they had found a treasure hidden by the Blind Frog Ranch in Sierra County, California. The ranch had been founded in 1892 and was used as a hideout by Frank and Jesse James. The club said that after years of searching, they had finally located the treasure, which consisted of over $1 million in gold and silver coins. However, because the location of the treasure is unknown, no one knows what will happen to it now that it has been found.

The Blind Frog Ranch treasure was found after years of searching by a team of treasure hunters. The team, which included two brothers and their father, had been looking for the ranch’s hidden treasure for 10 years when they discovered it.

According to the team, the treasure is made up of gold and silver coins, jewelry, and other valuable items. Most of the items are still intact and in good condition, indicating that they have not been damaged or scavenged over the years.

The team plans to sell the treasure once they have sorted it out and decide what each item is worth. They are also considering donating some of the proceeds to charity.

blind frog ranch treasure found

The Blind Frog Ranch treasure is a gold and silver treasure that was found in Arkansas after years of searching. The ranch was founded by two brothers, who went missing in the 1930s. Their farm was discovered with clues pointing to Mexico. After years of investigation, the treasure was found buried on the property! The total value of the find is estimated to be over $2 million!

The Blind Frog Ranch treasure was found after years of searching! The ranch was founded in the 1800s and it is said that the founder, Mr. Frog, buried gold and jewels there. Over the years, people have searched for the treasure, but no one has ever found it. Recently, a group of treasure hunters decided to take on the challenge and they finally found the treasure! They were able to find all of the gold and jewels that Mr. Frog had hidden away!


What a find! The Blind Frog Ranch treasure was finally found after 18 years of avid searching by the ranch owner, his family, and some dedicated volunteers. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the ranch had been abandoned for many years when it was discovered by chance. It is now home to over 100 rare plants and animals that have been protected thanks to the efforts of those who searched tirelessly over the years. Thank you to all those who helped make this discovery possible!


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