The Hugh Hefner First Wife Millie Williams? Where Is She Now?

Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy Magazine, was known for his lavish lifestyle and multiple relationships with women. However, not many people know about his first marriage to Millie Williams. Despite being together for only a short period of time, their relationship had a significant impact on both of their lives. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Hugh Hefner’s first wife – who she was, what happened after they divorced, where she is now and most importantly – what does she think of him today? So sit back and join us in unraveling the mystery of Millie Williams’ life!

Who was Hugh Hefner’s first wife?

Millie Williams was Hugh Hefner’s first wife, and while their marriage was brief, it played a significant role in his life. The couple met in college in the early 1940s, where Millie was a student at Northwestern University. She caught Hugh’s eye during one of her performances with the university drama club.

Hugh and Millie married on June 25th, 1949 after dating for just over two years. Their marriage lasted only ten years before they got divorced in 1959. During that time, they had two children – Christie and David.

After their separation, Millie largely stayed out of the public eye. She remarried twice but kept a low profile and did not seek fame or fortune like her ex-husband did.

Despite being known as one of America’s most famous playboys who lived an opulent lifestyle surrounded by beautiful women, Hugh spoke fondly about his first wife throughout his life. In many interviews he credited her with helping him launch Playboy magazine – she loaned him $1k to start it!

Although their relationship didn’t last forever- Millie Williams remains an important figure in the life of Hugh Hefner!

What happened to her after the divorce?

After Hugh Hefner and Millie Williams got divorced in 1959, Millie moved on with her life. She remarried a man named Harry Faulkner and had two children with him. However, their marriage did not last long and they eventually parted ways.

Millie continued to live her life out of the public eye after her divorce from Hugh Hefner. Not much is known about what she did or where she went during this time.

In a rare interview in 2011, Millie revealed that she was living a quiet life in Arizona at the time. She mentioned that while she had no hard feelings towards Hefner, they hadn’t kept in touch over the years.

Despite being married to one of the most famous men in America at the time, Millie chose to live a private life away from the spotlight after their divorce. It’s clear that she wanted to move on from her past and create a new future for herself outside of Hollywood’s glare.

It seems like Millie has found happiness in her own way since divorcing Hugh Hefner all those years ago.

Where is she now?

Millie Williams, Hugh Hefner’s first wife, has lived a relatively private life after her divorce from the Playboy mogul. It is reported that she remarried and had children but no public information is available about her current whereabouts or activities.

After their divorce in 1959, Millie kept a low profile. In contrast to Hefner’s high-profile lifestyle and numerous relationships, Millie chose to live a more reserved life away from the spotlight.

Despite being married for only ten years, Millie will always be part of Hefner’s legacy as his first wife. Her brief marriage with him helped pave the way for his future endeavors in publishing and media.

It is unclear whether Millie ever spoke publicly about her former husband or their relationship. She has maintained her privacy throughout the years and little is known about her personal thoughts on Hefner’s legacy as well.

While there may be speculation about where Millie Williams currently resides or what she thinks of Hugh Hefner now that he has passed away, it seems clear that she has chosen to keep those details private. Whatever happened to her after their marriage ended remains largely unknown and shrouded in mystery.

What does she think of Hugh Hefner now?

Millie Williams, Hugh Hefner’s first wife, has been relatively silent about her thoughts on her former husband. However, there are a few interviews where she has spoken briefly about their marriage.

In a 1979 interview with People magazine, Millie described the early days of Playboy and how she helped Hefner launch the publication. She also stated that even while they were married, Hefner was always surrounded by other women.

Despite this, Millie does not seem to hold any bitterness towards him. In fact, in an interview with The Sun in 2017 after his death, she spoke fondly of their time together and praised his entrepreneurial spirit.

However, it’s important to note that Millie did divorce Hugh back in 1959 and went on to marry someone else. It’s unclear what led to their split or if there were any hard feelings between them at the time.

While we don’t have much insight into what Millie thinks of Hugh now or during their divorce proceedings many years ago – it seems safe to say that she remembers him fondly for his contributions as an entrepreneur and pioneer in publishing history.


Millie Williams may have been Hugh Hefner’s first wife, but she has lived a life of her own outside of the Playboy Mansion. Despite their divorce after only ten years of marriage, Millie remained respectful towards Hugh and even attended his funeral in 2017. She has chosen to keep a low profile throughout the years, enjoying time with her family and friends away from the public eye.

While many people know about Hugh Hefner’s later relationships and marriages, it is important to remember that Millie was once an important part of his life as well. Her story serves as a reminder that there is often more than meets the eye when it comes to celebrity romances.

As for where she is now? It seems that Millie Williams prefers to maintain her privacy and live out her days quietly with those closest to her. Whatever path she chooses for herself moving forward, we wish her all the best in whatever adventures lie ahead.


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