The Sharise Ruddell is Vince Neil’s Ex-wife- Shocking Facts About Her

If you’re a fan of ’80s rock music, then you’ve probably heard of Vince Neil, the lead singer of Mötley Crüe. But have you heard about his ex-wife Sharise Ruddell? Their relationship was nothing short of tabloid fodder during their time together and even after their divorce. But what has Sharise been up to lately? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the shocking facts about Sharise Ruddell’s life and her tumultuous relationship with Vince Neil. So buckle up and get ready for some jaw-dropping revelations!

Who is Sharise Ruddell?

Sharise Ruddell was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 21, 1964. She grew up in a family of performers – her mother was a dancer and her father played guitar. Sharise followed in their footsteps and began dancing at an early age.

She started off as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams before joining various dance groups and even performing with Michael Jackson on his “Bad” tour. Her talents caught the eye of Vince Neil when he saw her perform at one of his concerts.

The two began dating soon after and got married in 1987. Sharise became a prominent figure in the rock scene during this time, attending events with Vince and appearing in music videos for Mötley Crüe.

However, their relationship wasn’t all glitz and glamour. They faced several challenges throughout their marriage including infidelity issues and physical abuse allegations. Despite these obstacles, they stayed together until 1993 when they officially divorced.

After leaving the limelight following her divorce from Vince Neil, Sharise focused on raising her children while also pursuing other passions such as interior design.

Sharise Ruddell and Vince Neil’s Relationship

Sharise Ruddell and Vince Neil’s relationship began in the late ’80s when Sharise was a model and dancer. They met at one of Vince’s concerts, and he was immediately smitten with her. The couple started dating soon after that, and their romance quickly became serious.

Despite the fact that they were both busy with their careers, Sharise moved in with Vince within months of them meeting each other. Their relationship seemed to be going well until rumors surfaced that Vince had been cheating on her.

However, Sharise decided to give him another chance, and they got married in 1988. They had two children together during their marriage: Skylar (born 1991) and Neil Jason (born 1993).

Their marriage faced many ups-and-downs caused by infidelity issues from both sides as well as drug addiction problems from both parties too. In addition to this turmoil dynamic between them, there was also drama surrounding the band Mötley Crüe since its members were known for wild partying antics on tour which could have been put pressure on Sharise Ruddell considering she would always accompany his husband backstage whenever possible.

In the end though it all proved too much for their relationship to withstand so they separated ways after five years of being together amidst an explosive divorce battle where accusations flew left right center about who did what wrongfully against whom resulting into a settlement involving spousal support payouts for life plus property division including a luxurious Beverly Hills mansion valued then at $2million among others things.

Though despite all these shocking facts surrounding their tumultuous past history I think most people will agree that it is best if they never reunite again given how toxic things ended between them back then!

The Couple’s Divorce

After four years of marriage, Sharise Ruddell and Vince Neil filed for divorce in 1993. The reasons behind their split were never fully disclosed to the public, but it is rumored that infidelity played a major role in their separation.
In an interview with People Magazine back in 2010, Sharise revealed that she had caught Vince cheating on her multiple times during their marriage. Despite this, she tried to make things work because of their children and even forgave him after he was arrested for assaulting her in 1993.

However, the final straw came when Sharise discovered that Vince had been having an affair with another woman while they were still married. She decided then to end the relationship and filed for divorce.

The couple’s divorce was far from amicable as they battled over custody of their two children and financial assets. In fact, at one point during the proceedings, Sharise accused Vince of hiding assets from her.
Despite all this drama surrounding their split, both parties have since moved on with their lives and seem to be doing well separately from each other.

What is Sharise Ruddell Doing Now?

Since her divorce from Vince Neil, Sharise Ruddell has mostly kept a low profile. However, she did make headlines in 2018 when she spoke out about the abuse she suffered during her marriage to the Mötley Crüe frontman.

Ruddell is now an advocate for domestic violence victims and has been working with organizations such as Safe Nest and Break the Cycle. She has also shared her story on various platforms, including podcasts and talk shows, to raise awareness about intimate partner violence.

Aside from her activism work, Ruddell is also a proud mother of two children. Based on social media posts, it seems that she enjoys spending time with family and friends while maintaining a healthy lifestyle through fitness activities like yoga.

Sharise Ruddell’s life today may be more private than before but it certainly seems like she’s found purpose in helping others who have experienced similar trauma as hers.

Sharise Ruddell is a woman who has been through the ups and downs of life. From being a model to a mother, she has experienced many different aspects of life. Her relationship with Vince Neil was just one chapter in her story.

Despite the challenges that came with their marriage, Sharise managed to move forward and create a new path for herself. She focused on her family and started working in real estate, where she found success.

While there were some shocking facts about Sharise Ruddell’s past with Vince Neil, it is important to remember that everyone has their own story to tell. We should always strive to be respectful of others’ experiences and celebrate those who have overcome adversity.

Sharise’s journey serves as an inspiration for anyone going through tough times. It shows that even when faced with difficult situations, we can find the strength within ourselves to move forward and build the life we want for ourselves.


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