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Shohei Ohtani, the baseball star who has taken Major League Baseball by storm, is not only known for his incredible skills on the field but also for his mysterious personal life. Many fans have been curious about the person behind Ohtani’s heartwarming smile and breathtaking performances. In this blog post, we’ll uncover everything there is to know about Shohei Ohtani’s girlfriend – Kamalani Dung! From her age and height to her net worth and hobbies, we’ve got all the juicy details you need to know! So sit back, relax, and get ready to delve into the world of Kamalani Dung!

Who is Shohei Ohtani?

Shohei Ohtani is a professional baseball player hailing from Japan. Born on July 5, 1994, in Oshu, Iwate, Japan, he became famous for his incredible pitching and hitting abilities. He started playing baseball at a young age and quickly rose to fame in the Japanese Baseball League.

In December 2017, Shohei signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim after being scouted by several Major League Baseball teams. Ohtani’s arrival in the MLB had fans excited about his unique two-way skills as both a pitcher and designated hitter.

During his rookie season with the Angels in 2018, Shohei made history by becoming only the fourth player ever to hit at least 15 home runs while also recording over 50 innings pitched with an ERA less than three. Injuries have since plagued him but he continues to be one of baseball’s most exciting players today!

Who is Kamalani Dung?

Kamalani Dung, also known as Kama, is the girlfriend of Shohei Ohtani. She was born and raised in Hawaii and is currently pursuing a career in modeling. Despite being relatively unknown before her relationship with Ohtani went public, she has gained a lot of attention from media outlets and fans alike.

Aside from modeling, Kamalani enjoys spending time outdoors and staying active. Her Instagram account showcases her love for surfing, hiking, and yoga. She often shares photos of herself exploring scenic locations around the world.

Kamalani’s social media presence has grown significantly since news broke of her relationship with Ohtani. As of writing this blog post, she has over 100k followers on Instagram where she regularly posts photos showcasing her unique sense of style.

Despite all the attention she’s received since being romantically linked to one of baseball’s biggest stars, Kamalani seems to be taking it all in stride. She continues to focus on building her career while enjoying life experiences along the way.

How did they meet?

Shohei Ohtani and Kamalani Dung’s love story began when they met in Los Angeles. Interestingly, they didn’t meet through baseball or sports-related events.

Instead, their first encounter happened at a restaurant where both were enjoying dinner with friends. It was love at first sight for Shohei as he couldn’t help but be smitten by Kamalani’s beauty.

Despite being from different countries and backgrounds, the two found common ground in their shared interests and passions. They quickly hit it off and started dating shortly after meeting.

Their relationship has been going strong ever since that fateful day in LA. The couple often shares pictures of each other on social media, showing how much they care for one another.

It goes to show that true love can happen anytime, anywhere – even while having dinner with friends!

What is their age difference?

Shohei Ohtani and Kamalani Dung’s age difference is a topic that has been of interest to many people ever since news broke out about their relationship. Shohei Ohtani was born on July 5, 1994, which makes him 27 years old as of now. On the other hand, Kamalani Dung was born on November 16, 1998, which makes her around four years younger than Shohei.

While some may argue that this age gap is significant when it comes to relationships, others believe that age is just a number and should not be a determining factor in love. In fact, research suggests that an age gap of up to five years between couples can actually increase the chances of long-lasting relationships.

What matters most in any relationship is compatibility and understanding between the individuals involved. Age should never be a barrier or cause for concern if two people share similar values and goals in life.

While there might be an age difference between Shohei Ohtani and Kamalani Dung, it does not define their relationship nor should it affect their happiness together.

Are they married?

Shohei Ohtani and Kamalani Dung have been in a long-term relationship, but the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not they are married. Despite their public appearances together, there has been no official announcement regarding their marital status.

It’s common for celebrities to keep their personal lives private and away from the media spotlight, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Shohei and Kamalani chose to keep their marriage under wraps. It’s also possible that they’re simply taking things slow and haven’t yet decided to tie the knot.

However, some fans have speculated that cultural differences could be a factor in why they may not be married yet. Being from different parts of the world means there may be certain traditions or expectations that need to be met before making such an important commitment.

Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for sure: Shohei Ohtani and Kamalani Dung continue to enjoy each other’s company and support each other through both professional successes and personal challenges.

What is Kamalani’s net worth?

Kamalani Dung is not a public figure, and therefore it is difficult to determine her exact net worth. However, she has been successful in her own right as a softball player. She played for the University of San Diego Toreros from 2016-2019, where she was named West Coast Conference Player of the Year twice.

Aside from softball, Kamalani also works as a model and brand ambassador for various companies on Instagram. This may add to her income; however, there are no official figures available.

Being the girlfriend of Shohei Ohtani might lead some to believe that Kamalani’s net worth stems solely from his earnings. However, this isn’t an accurate assumption as Kamalani has had success outside of their relationship.

It seems that Kamalani Dung’s net worth is relatively unknown due to her private lifestyle. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that she has earned a decent amount through her athletic achievements and modeling gigs.

Kamalani Dung is a woman of many talents and interests. When she’s not cheering on her boyfriend Shohei Ohtani at his baseball games, Kamalani can be found pursuing a variety of hobbies.

One of Kamalani’s main passions is fitness. She loves to stay active and healthy by hitting the gym and doing workouts like yoga, Pilates, and weightlifting. In fact, she even has her own fitness Instagram account where she shares tips and inspiration for others looking to improve their health.

In addition to fitness, Kamalani also enjoys spending time outdoors. She loves hiking in the beautiful California mountains with friends or taking relaxing walks along the beach.

Another one of Kamalani’s interests is fashion. She often posts stylish outfits on her social media accounts and has been known to attend fashion events in Los Angeles.

Last but not least, Kamalani loves food! She enjoys trying new restaurants around town and sharing her culinary experiences with others on social media.

It’s clear that Kamalani Dung leads an active lifestyle filled with diverse hobbies that keep her happy and fulfilled outside of work.


To sum up, Shohei Ohtani’s girlfriend Kamalani Dung is a talented volleyball player who has made a name for herself in the sports world. She and Ohtani have been dating for several years now, despite their significant age difference. Although they are not married yet, it seems that their relationship is going strong.

Kamalani’s net worth may not be as high as her famous partner’s, but she still earns a decent income from her career as a professional athlete. When she isn’t playing volleyball or spending time with Ohtani, she enjoys surfing and practicing yoga.

It is clear that Kamalani Dung is much more than just “Shohei Ohtani’s girlfriend”. She is an accomplished athlete in her own right and has many interests outside of sports. As fans continue to follow their relationship, we can expect to see more of Kamalani both on and off the court.


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