Facebook’s New “Unfollow” Feature: How It Affects Your Business

In the age of social media, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with our friends and family. Everyone is constantly posting new content on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. And as a result, we have to follow — or “unfollow” — many users in order to see their posts. To make things even more complicated for users, many social media platforms use algorithms that filter out the noise and show you only posts from people you actively choose to follow. This makes it impossible to passively follow a user on Instagram or view their tweets on Twitter without explicitly adding them as a friend or follower first. Knowing that this can be frustrating for users, many social networking platforms are introducing new features that make it easier for you to manage your connections. One of these improvements is the ‘Unfollow’ feature on Facebook – something useful for brands and businesses who want to stay connected with their followers in a smart way so they don’t miss any important updates or information about their products or services.

What Does Facebook’s New “Unfollow” Feature Mean for Brands?

For brands, this new “Unfollow” button is a huge advantage. While many users might want to “unfollow” an entire page as a way to protect themselves from irrelevant content, this new “Unfollow” button gives brands a second chance to make sure their important posts don’t go unnoticed. This means that brands can reactivate their posts even if they’ve been hidden by Facebook’s algorithm. And even better, Facebook’s new “Unfollow” button might encourage users who have chosen to passively follow a page to actively engage with it. That’s because brands can choose to send their “unfollowed” posts to a dedicated “Unfollowed” inbox where followers can easily catch up on what they’ve missed.

Why Is Facebook Introducing an Unfollow Button?

Simply put, many Facebook users don’t want to unfollow their friends and family but still want to see the posts from businesses and brands they like. This new “Unfollow” button allows them to do just that. This feature may even help users discover new pages they’re interested in. Because brands will be able to send their “unfollowed” posts directly to their new “Unfollowed” inbox, users may be more likely to check out the page if they don’t want to miss the content. Once users are following a page and actively engaging with the content, Facebook’s algorithm will show them even more posts from the page in their News Feed, making it easier for brands to grow their audience.

How Will the “Unfollow” Feature Work on Facebook?

The “Unfollow” button will be located directly below the “Following” button on the left-hand side of Facebook’s desktop interface. Once clicked, you’ll be prompted to enter a reason for unfollowing the user. Basically, this feature works the same way as the “Unfollow” button on Twitter – it gives users a chance to explain why they’re unfollowing someone, which is a good way for brands to stay polite and professional. As soon as you click “Unfollow” and enter a reason, the user will be notified – but, unfortunately, they won’t be given the chance to respond or react to the decision.

When Will You Be Able to Unfollow People on Facebook?

Facebook is still working out the final details of this new feature, but they expect it to roll out in the next few months. They also plan to release an “Unfollow” button for Instagram and WhatsApp, although neither of these social media platforms currently have an “Unfollow” button. This means that, for now, you can still only use the “Unfollow” button on Twitter. While this might be frustrating, Facebook and Twitter are both working to make their platforms friendlier, especially for users who don’t want to be overwhelmed with irrelevant content.

3 Important Takeaways

And while many people feel like they’re missing out on a lot of posts, this new “Unfollow” button might help brands reach a wider audience and get their content in front of more users. If your business is active on Facebook, this new “Unfollow” button might be a good feature to consider. With it, you can send your “unfollowed” posts to your “Unfollowed” inbox and give followers a chance to catch up on the content they might have missed. And with the “Unfollow” button, you can give your users a chance to opt out of your content if they don’t find it valuable. At the same time, you can also give them the chance to re-engage with your posts if they miss them.


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